Meseret Cohen

Meseret currently works out of Perth, Western Australia, as an accredited life coach, public speaker, and consults on matters of adoption, social justice, and cultural issues.

Meseret grew up in Ethiopia, being orphaned at a young age she was adopted and relocated to Australia. As a young teenager she grew up living between two worlds. Her education, cross cultural experience, and career path have given Meseret  a valuable, broad and unique perspective on life . This has shown Meseret what it takes to overcome adversity and live from a place of hope. To hear more of Meseret’s inspiring story watch her award winning life documentary “The-Walk” on YouTube.

Meseret now offers the following services:




Buna and Chat is a community platform for Ethiopian Australian adoptees (open to worldwide). It’s a supportive, safe, inclusive and adoptee run platform where all Ethiopian adoptees can take part. We meet once month on zoom (usually the first Saturday of each month). It’s about creating community, empowering and building connections with ourselves and others.

Buna means coffee in Amharic and the idea is that we come together with our coffee (or tea) and discuss and explore to issues Ethiopian intercountry adoptees facing. This includes, identity, culture, language, trauma, belonging, family dynamics, diversity, attachment, mental health and many more. We encourage everyone to tell their stories and share their experiences. It’s a place where they can belong to, be seen and heard.
Buna and Chat is for all Ethiopian adoptees from all ages and background. Any Ethiopian adoptee worldwide is welcome to join us.
The purpose of this support group and community is that adoption is a very unique experience however many adoptees experience the feeling of loneliness, mental health, grief, sadness, loss of belonging and identity issues. Having a community of people who have similar experiences can help us heal.  It’s a free for adoptees to join the monthly meeting.

Email for the zoom link here.

This is what Ethiopian Adoptees have said about being part of the Buna & Chat community:

“When I am connected with this fellow adoptees – I feel less alone and feel understood.”

” I have gained a sense of belonging with like-minded people.”

“I have gained friendships & cultural connection.”

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