Black or African Heritage adoptee Online Support Group

A fortnightly support group for Black/African heritage adoptees group is open to adult inter country adoptees adopted to Australia. The group will:

  • Will provide practical steps and tools in dealing with challenges that come up with being African/black adoptees.
  • Provide safety and open space for adoptees to validate experiences and feelings that are often overlooked and not spoken about (e.g. racism).
  • Explore deeper discussions around their adoption and life experiences.
  • It aims to support African/ black heritage inter country adoptees from regional communities who experience isolation.
  • Support for adoptees who come from Ex-pack communities who are under resourced.
  • It will foster a strong sense of community among adoptees by providing a supportive network.
  • It will encourage self-refection on ones healing journey and provide tools with understanding with adoptees experience.
  • It will provide space to learn from peers and practical tools to help adoptees do life.

The sessions will be running for 90 minutes and would be free for participants to join. The group is funded by ICAFFS.
If you are interested in signing up for the support group please fill in the registration form below.

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