Life Coaching

From her wealth of experience and education Meseret offers 1 on 1 and group life coaching to all who seek to reconnect and thrive. Key aspects of the coaching include navigating life, culture, and identity, to find  purpose, resilience, and doorways that bring life to life.  Contact her HERE now.

Speaking Engagements

Meseret specialises in public speaking, life workshops in schools, where her life experience connects with those struggling with many of life’s challenging identity issues. Contact her HERE now.

“Meseret Cohen delivered a wonderful workshop with the year 7 students at Seton Catholic College. Students thoroughly enjoyed listening to her story and learning about the role faith had played in her life. Meseret is a talented public speaker who connects well with the students. Students were engaged with activities and got a lot from the session.”  


From her background as an inter-racial teen adoptee Meseret offers advice to adoptees and adopting families on areas like attachment, integration, and family dynamics.  Contact her HERE now.


Growing up in Ethiopia and transitioning as a teen to an Australian way of life means that Meseret is a third -culture person – belonging neither to Ethiopia nor to Australia. This creates complex issues of belonging, relationships, and identity.  Meseret advises on third-culture matters, inter-racial social issues, cross-cultural dynamics, and cultural orientation. Contact her HERE now